Wastewater Recovery Technologies Laboratory

Sample Pretreatment Laboratory

General Information

Sample Pre-Treatment Laboratory is used for the recovery of wastes and recovery of by-products/raw materials and energy in various sectors. As part of this work package, relevant infrastructure was established for breaking, sieving, grinding, washing, extract preparation, dewatering, pelleting, granulation, etc. before recovery activities.

List of Equipment

  • Ultra Pure Water Systems
  • Incubator (720 lt of internal volume) (For aggregate and concrete samples)
  • Incubator (240 lt of internal volume) (For bituminous samples)
  • Ash Furnace (1500 oC)
  • pH meter
  • Humidity Detection Devices
  • Precision Analytical Balance
  • Electronic Balance (20 kg weighing capacity) (0.1 gr precision)
  • Electronic Weighing Machine (300 kg weighing capacity) (10 gr precision)
  • Top Shakers (Drum)
  • Horizontal Shakers
  • Square Heating Table (400 x 600 mm) (with 300 oC heating)
  • Heated/Cooled and Shaker Water Baths (-20 +100 oC) (30 lt)
  • Ultrasonic Washing Baths (12 lt)
  • Jar Test Setting

Completed Projects

  • Project for the Preparation of Preliminary Feasibility Report on the Disposal of Solid Waste from the West Black Sea Region in the Incineration Plan

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