Our infrastructure

Environmental Impact Analysis

Under this infrastructure, GABI Life Cycle Analysis software is available in our infrastructure.

LCA is a tool that can be used to evaluate the potential environmental impacts of a product, material, process, or activity. LCA is a comprehensive method for assessing a range of environmental impacts across the full life cycle of a product system, from materials acquisition to manufacturing, use, and final disposition. LCA study results help to promote the responsible design and redesign of products and processes, leading to reduced overall environmental impacts and the reduced use and release of more toxic materials. LCA studies identify key materials and processes within the products' life cycles that are likely to pose the greatest impacts, including occupational and public toxicity impacts. These assessments allow businesses to make product improvements through environmentally sound process, material, and design choices.

Implemented Applications by GaBi

  •          Determination of carbon and water footprint of a product, material, process, or activity by LCA
  •          Determination of environmental impacts of a product, material, process, or activity.
  •          Choosing between products, processes and services that are similar to each other.
  •          New product design processes
  •          Comparison of the environmental impacts of different products that perform the same function