Our infrastructure

Energy Efficiency Measurement Laboratory

General Information

There is an infrastructure in place for measuring energy efficiency, one of the most important components of cleaner production audits. In this scope, the institute measures combustion efficiency, point temperature, and flows. It determines flue gas emissions, thermal losses, electrical energy consumption, thermal imaging


Implemented Applications

  • Determination of temperature, relative humidity, thermal conductivity coefficient in energy efficiency measurements
  • Determination of current and voltage
  • Determination of pressure and vacuum leaks in compressors, air lines, valves.etc
  • Determination of power and harmonics in 3-phase systems
  • Point and regional measurement and thermal imaging of temperature and insulation in all processes
  • Determination of water spills, loss and leak points and possible recovery in production systems

List of devices

  • Ultrasonic flow-meter (GE pt878) - Testo
  • Digital ultrasonic inspection tool (UP 9000)
  • Thermal camera (Fluke Ti450)
  • Energy analyzer (Fluke 435 II)
  • Pensampermeter (Fluke 376 FC)
  • Multifunction measuring instrument (Testo 435-4 SET)
  • Flue gas analyzer

Contact Person (Phone/Email):

  • Dr. Şeyma KARAHAN ÖZBİLEN Phone: 0262 677 34 81
  • E-mail: seyma.karahan@tubitak.gov.tr