Wastewater Recovery Technologies Laboratory

Establishment of Biodegradable Waste Recovery Laboratory

General Information

According to the results of the studies on waste characterization in Turkey, biodegradable wastes have a share of 56% in the distribution of solid waste types as stated in the Waste Management Action Plan. The rate of recoverable waste stands at 16%. In addition, the amounts of agricultural and animal waste were determined as 17 million tons and 84 million tons as a result of the Agrowaste project conducted under the EU Life Program. Given that biodegradable wastes can be converted into compost and biogas using biological methods, 72% of waste waits to be utilized. And approximately 375 million GJ of nine million tons of petroleum equivalent thermal value can be obtained from agricultural and animal wastes. Based on these facts, we consider lending impetus to R&D and recycling and recovery investments in Turkey to be essential in terms of both economic and environmental priorities.

For this purpose, it is necessary to convert biodegradable kitchen wastes, the organic parts of agricultural, animal and municipal wastes as well as organic wastes into valuable products such as compost, biogas, and bioethanol. In the world, biodegradable wastes are transformed into bioethanol, biogas and compost products after separate collection at their sources leading to waste minimization. Therefore, "Biodegradable Waste Recovery Laboratory" was established with a focus on utilizing biodegradable wastes generated in Turkey.

List of devices

  • High Pressure High Temperature Reactor
  • High Temperature Low Pressure Reactor
  • Elemental Analysis Device C/H/N/S
  • Compost Reactor
  • Anaerobic Digestion Reactor with Automated Control
  • Distillation Unit
  • Biodegradability Testing Device
  • Dewar Compost Testing Device

Completed Projects

  • Project for the Preparation of Preliminary Feasibility Report on the Disposal of Solid Waste from the West Black Sea Region in the Incineration Plan

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