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Waste Water Recovery Technologies Laboratory

General Information

It conducts various R&D activities on the development of electrochemical processes (electro-gain/accumulation, electrodialysis, electrocoagulation, electrooxidation, electro-flotation, etc.), water and wastewater applications, breaking down and utilizing other wastes.

It carries out R&D activities on membrane processes, recovery/recycling of waste and wastewater and new product applications (membrane distillation, micro-filtration, ultra-filtration, nano-filtration, reverse osmosis) in various manufacturing sectors.

It develops environment-friendly and innovative economic methods to be used in water and wastewater applications while examining the process and reactor design and optimization processes.

It conducts various R&D activities on the removal of pesticides and organic pollutants in the water by combining advanced oxidation methods such as chemical/electrooxidation, ozonization, ultrasound/cavitation.

Implemented Applications

  • PH, Conductivity, ÇO, COD, BOD, AKM, Sulphate, Phenol, UV absorption, etc.
  • Research on advanced water and wastewater treatment technologies such as electrocoagulation, electrooxidation, electroflotation, electro-phenton and adsorption of ground waters, surface waters and industrial wastewaters
  • Metal recovery from aqueous solutions with the electrodeposition/electrochemical method
  • Treatment of wastewater with electrochemical technologies (electrocoagulation, electrooxidation)
  • Removal of natural organic substances from drinking water with electrochemical technologies
  • Separation processes using membrane systems and wastewater treatment
  • Activities for the synthesis and specific applications of modified membranes
  • Sector-specific wastewater characterization (nitrite, nitrate, TN, COI, TOC, PO4-P, TP, TKN, osmolality, density, CI-, active sludge bioamass, pH, conductivity, NH4-N, Org-N, total protein, oil, oil-free dry matter, total solid matter, lactose, minerals, freezing point)

List of devices

  • UV Spectrophotometer (Hach Lange DR 6000)
  • Multiple Parameter Gauge (pH-Multi-Conductivity) (Metler Toledo)
  • Multi Parameter Gauge (pH-Multi-Conductivity) (Hach Lange HQ-40D)
  • Thermoreactor (Hach Lange-LT 200)
  • Analytical Scale (OHAUS)
  • Analytical Scale (Precisa)
  • Peristaltic Pump (Heidolph)
  • Rotary evaporator/Evaporator (Heidolph)
  • Magnetic Mixers (Heidolph)
  • Mechanical Mixer (Heidolph-Hei Torque100)
  • Heating Mantle (Daihan)
  • Vacuum Pump (Rocker KNF-2 bar)
  • Incubator (Binder)
  • Circular Shaker (IKA KS)
  • Water Circulator (Lauda RA8)
  • Ultrasonic Bath (Hydra)
  • Direct Current Power Supply (Keysight-E36311A)
  • Direct Current Power Supply (Keysight-36311A)
  • Ozone Generator (Teknozon)
  • Voltameter (CH Instruments - CV Model 440B)
  • Electrochemical reactors
  • AKM Vacuum Assembly (Sartorious)
  • Digital Burette (Brand)
  • Digital Thermometer (ISO-Lab)
  • Hot Air Gun (Bosch)

Pilot and lab scale systems

  • Dead-End Membrane Filtration System (HP4750X)
  • Cavitation Reactor (100 m3 / day)
  • Cross Flow Membrane System
  • Membrane Distillation System

Completed Projects

  • TÜBİTAK, ARDEB-ÇAYDAG, 1003, 115Y801 (2017-2019) Rhodium Recovery from Industrial Waste Rhodium Plating Baths

Contact Person (Phone/Email):

  • Dr. Emrah ŞIK Phone: 0262 677 29 33
  • Email: emrah.s@tubitak.gov.tr