Cleaner Production Center

Our activities

The Global Network for Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECPnet), was established in 2010 to assist developing countries and transition countries with the support of the joint UNIDO-UNEP program.

  • Since 1994, UNIDO and UNEP have been collaborating for the promotion of cleaner resource efficient production, in particular, by supporting the creation of National Cleaner Production Centers and Programs.
  • It is is a global network that brings together more than 50 initiatives that perform, as a core activity, support and application functions for energy efficient and cleaner production:

    - methods
    - policies and
    - techniques

    in the manufacturing industry sectors and other related economic sectors.
  • TUBITAK MRC was accepted as an observer in 2014.
  • The institute regularly attends at the annual meeting jointly held by ØUNEP and UNDP.

You can access more information on RECPnet here