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Establishing Environmental Label Criterias in the “Touristic Accommodation Facilities


    Establishing Environmental Label Criterias in the “Touristic Accommodation Facilities


    The Environment Label application came into force in the European Union on March 23, 1992 and was published in the Turkish Official Gazette on October 19, 2018 with the Environmental Label Regulation prepared in accordance with the Eco-Label Regulation 66/2010 / EC. Either national legislation released  or 2012 dated "2023 in Turkey Export Strategy and Action Plan (Issue 28322)" realization of designated 500 billion USD export target in order "to gain competitive advantage of the new markets' care  250 environmental label product number was targeted. For this purpose, “Touristic Accommodation Facilities” service environmental label criterias has been determined , which will ensure high environmental performance in the project, focused the life cycle assessment, limit energy consumption, water consumption and waste production, support the use of renewable resources and chemicals that are less harmful to the environment, and encourage environmental communication and education. 


    The tourism sector has started to apply sustainability measures to protect natural resources and new technology integrations (energy, water and waste monitoring, renewable energy use, environmentally sensitive transportation alternatives, smart infrastructure, management and service network) for emerging market targets. In this context, the project realized at the same time contributes to the creation of Smart Cities, to accelerate and sustain the transformation. Thus, smart tourism, which is an important part of smart city strategy with ecological and technological approach, is also encouraged.


    This project is funded by Ministery of Environment and Foresty.


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